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Tennis Games

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Here you can find lots of tennis games for boys and Kids to play Online. Play some of these games and have fun. You will love to play these tennis games again for free.

Tennis Games

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Twisted Tennis
Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! ...

Plays :  4526  
Stick Badminton
Choose a stick figure or a robot and play against ...

Plays :  4436  
Panda Ping Pong
Youre the blue panda. To move and hit the ball, ...

Plays :  3635  
Funky Pong
This is bouncing a video ping pong ball on a ...

Plays :  3926  
Techno Tennis
Dr wakeman built jenny a super hi-tech tennis court. Help ...

Plays :  3333  
Tennis Master
Play tennis with lion and try to win the match. ...

Plays :  2888  
Galaktic Tennis
Steer your paddle and score goals and win the match. ...

Plays :  3081  
Out of Bounds
Hit tennis ball and collect packs of juicy fruit. ...

Plays :  3186  
Tennis Smash
Try and smash your way to victory and beat hot ...

Plays :  5618  
Anna Tennis
Help Anna beat Serena in a game of Tennis. ...

Plays :  3750  
Tennis Ace
Play the best of five games to win a cup ...

Plays :  3258  
Tennis 2000
Click & drag the player to hit the ball and ...

Plays :  3147  
Have fun as you play a game of tennis and ...

Plays :  9751  
Table tennis
Play a standard game of table tennis and defeat your ...

Plays :  5081  
Garfield Ping Pong
Play a game of ping pong and be the first ...

Plays :  3557  
Babomb Pong
Handle the bomb carefully and bow it on your opponent ...

Plays :  3190  
3D Tennis
Have fun as you play a game of 3D tennis. ...

Plays :  11940  
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