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Here is our collection of free strategy games for boys and kids. Play action and adventure, defense games. All games are free to play.

Strategy Games

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Vacation Mogul
Setup your vacation resort as you upgrade and sell structures ...

Plays :  1983  
Gangs Revenge
Kill both the two enemies and try to kill them ...

Plays :  2469  
Building Blaster 2 Players Pack
Set the detonator at the right places to destroy the ...

Plays :  2706  
Commado Defense
Create towers and army personals to create a defense to ...

Plays :  2725  
Frontline Defense First
Create your defense and make a strategy to arrange the ...

Plays :  3836  
Endless War Defense
Build your defense and protect your base from the intruders ...

Plays :  2378  
Youda Farmer 3
You are a business man. You have different type of ...

Plays :  2956  
Shopping City
Welcome to the Shopping city. Here you have some money, ...

Plays :  4050  
Farm Mania
You are a owner of some land. Now you have ...

Plays :  2921  
Dinner City
Choose any one of the two type of restaurants. Set ...

Plays :  4013  
Zippy Airport
The higher authority of Zippy Airport has chosen you to ...

Plays :  3098  
Train Traffic Control
As a signal instructor your job is to set the ...

Plays :  4767  
Air Traffic Chief
Land the planes on the either runway without any collisions ...

Plays :  2539  
Create your defense and destroy your enemy army. Enjoy playing! ...

Plays :  2708  
Command Grid
At first you have to make a strategy. Create your ...

Plays :  2994  
Youda Farmer
In this farming game you and your van provide the ...

Plays :  2786  
Galactic Colonization
Build your fleet. Deploy your defenses. Galactic Colonization has begun. ...

Plays :  8381  
Do not let enemies to pass the whole road. Also ...

Plays :  4209  
Attack of The Furries 2
Your main target is to save your home, and defeat ...

Plays :  4106  
Village Defense
Defend the city at all cost by arming the citizens ...

Plays :  10773  
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