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Check out our favourite selection of online shooting games. You will have lots of fun playing the free shooting games like sniper, shoot, hunter etc. It can be played here for free. Have fun!!!

Shooting Games

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Halo Combat Evolved
In this game your mission is not so easy. you ...

Plays :  4462  
Upstream Kayak
Use your tricks to control your boat and also collect ...

Plays :  3003  
Pirates Time
Hit all your targets carefully to collect all the points. ...

Plays :  2562  
Bow Shooting
Carefully aim your bow down the field and hit all ...

Plays :  4528  
Call Of The Dead
You are a soldier,your camp is attacked by zombies.All enemies ...

Plays :  5162  
Time Fighter
You can fight in Bullettime, run up walls and fight ...

Plays :  3408  
Hunter Trainer
Shoot target as fast as possible, and use arrow as ...

Plays :  3941  
Commando Strike
Your primary mission is to kill the evil sticks and ...

Plays :  6042  
Bubble Bash
Assist the girl to target and shoot down the listed ...

Plays :  3421  
Bazooka Battle
Use your bazooka to kill and destroy enemy units hiding ...

Plays :  4173  
Crazy Nails
Your objective is to shoot the apple off the top ...

Plays :  5573  
Chicken Rampage
Shoot your arrows at the incoming waves of chickens. Waves ...

Plays :  3986  
The Archers Time Travel
Shoot your arrows to the birds and other things that ...

Plays :  2728  
Sniper Hunter
Find and snipe all the hidden snipers with your rifle. ...

Plays :  5262  
Dunk Tank Dudes
Aim and toss balls at the targets to dunk your ...

Plays :  2998  
Devil House
Save the lives of your friends who have become infected ...

Plays :  5335  
Ragdoll Pirates
Defend yourself against the pirates with your trusty cannon. ...

Plays :  3918  
Killer Dolls
Keep an eye on the doll tracking radar to know ...

Plays :  4456  
Bow Chief
Your aim is eliminating the enemy soldier. You must hit ...

Plays :  7052  
Keep as many penguins as possible from escaping their pool. ...

Plays :  5886  
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