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Check out our favourite selection of online shooting games. You will have lots of fun playing the free shooting games like sniper, shoot, hunter etc. It can be played here for free. Have fun!!!

Shooting Games

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Thing Thing 3
You have some limited ammo by those you have to ...

Plays :  2115  
Desert Moon
Create your defenders and shoot and kill all the intruders ...

Plays :  1659  
Ultimate Force 2
Shoot all the enemy soldiers and clear the war zone. ...

Plays :  1782  
Plazma Burst
You have been sent to a top secret mission. In ...

Plays :  4173  
Rocket Soldiers
Help your soldiers to shoot enemy soldiers and kill them ...

Plays :  2081  
Professional Assassin
You have got an opportunity to get a training form ...

Plays :  1879  
Sling Wars
Throw different items towards your opponent to hurt him badly ...

Plays :  3711  
Palisade Guardian 2
You have to defend your base form the intruders by ...

Plays :  3249  
Chicken Shoot
Shoot chicken form cannon and kill them by sinking in ...

Plays :  4341  
Shoot the aiming object as perfect as you can setting ...

Plays :  3836  
The Primitive
You have been dropped in a war zone. Here you ...

Plays :  1529  
The Archer
Shot your opponent by your bow and arrow. Use mouse ...

Plays :  1442  
Meet the great Roman hero Maximus. Here you have to ...

Plays :  1670  
Warzone Getaway
You have been dropped in to a war zone. Now ...

Plays :  2371  
Conquer Antartica
Command your penguin squad in order to gain power over ...

Plays :  2776  
Here you have to destroy the opponent's tank by shooting ...

Plays :  1420  
Snowball Duel
Your target is to destroy the opponent's tank. So set ...

Plays :  1678  
Badass Builder 2
Mad scientists made the earth doomed. It is your mission ...

Plays :  1641  
Philadelphia CTU
In this game you are a member of the Philadelphia ...

Plays :  3002  
Mulan Fire Away
Every warrior needs target practice to be a good warrior.Now ...

Plays :  1939  
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