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Cooking Games

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Get creative in the kitchen and learn some new recipes or enjoy all the excitement of running your very own restaurant and serve up a souffle with a smile. Play all online cooking games as all games are free to play. Have fun!!!

Cooking Games

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Suzis Restaurant Rumble
Welcome to Suzi's restaurant. You have to help her to ...

Plays :  6999  
Breakfast Tortilla
Wanna learn how to cook tortilla ? Then follow the ...

Plays :  9281  
Burger Bustle
You have to welcome your customer and serve their food ...

Plays :  2360  
How to Make Roast Chicken
In this game you can learn how to cook roasted ...

Plays :  7480  
Fast Food Resto
Have you enough experience to help this waitress to serve ...

Plays :  2136  
Make Spring Roll
Let's make a vegetable spring roll. You have to follow ...

Plays :  2070  
Home Made Fish Fingers
First help Emmi to collect all the cooking items from ...

Plays :  5469  
Spaghetti Bolognese
Welcome to Sara's cooking class. Today follow her instructions to ...

Plays :  21741  
Mughlai Cauliflower
Lets learn how to make Mughlai Cauliflower. So follow the ...

Plays :  2730  
Pizza Match
Play match maker as you serve pizza. You have to ...

Plays :  3877  
Hungry Giants
Manage your fast-food stand and feed your giant fat friends. ...

Plays :  1809  
Mushroom Melt Burger
Use cheese, mushrooms, burgers to decor the mushroom melt burger ...

Plays :  1808  
How to Make Coconut Cake
Mix the ingredients perfectly and make a coconut cake. You ...

Plays :  2340  
Pirate Lunch
You want a ship but don't have money. So you ...

Plays :  6079  
Make a Chicken Burger
Wanna be master chef? Then follow the instructions and make ...

Plays :  1994  
Tessas Cook Cupcakes
Line a muffin tray with paper muffin cases and then ...

Plays :  2131  
Cutis Diner
Help cuties to make and serve the food stuffs to ...

Plays :  1781  
Make Caramel Popcorn Recipe
You cant ever refuse popcorn, even if you have just ...

Plays :  2450  
Movieplex Frenzy
Tonight you are in a frenzy, serving refreshments at the ...

Plays :  2555  
Mexican Hot Chocolate
Try out this delicious chocolate game and learn the easy ...

Plays :  4367  
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