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In this section you can find lot of virtual celebrity dress up games. Take a look at these games and find your favorite celebrity dress up game including miley cyrus, hannah montana, justin bieber, hollywood, pop star makeover and more.

Celebrity Dress Up Games

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Megan Fox Dress Up
Megan Fox is one of the hottest stars on the ...

Plays :  3711  
House Bunny Dress Up
Click the drawers to dress up Shelley Darlington. Click around ...

Plays :  4747  
Hillary Dress Up
Choose hair, clothes and accessories for talented actress Halle Berry ...

Plays :  5456  
Ashley Tisdale Dress Up
See how you can help make Ashley Tisdale even more ...

Plays :  4325  
Kate Bosworth Dress Up
Kate Bosmorth is an American actress. Give a perfect makeover ...

Plays :  3324  
Anne Hathaway Makeover
Dress up the beautiful Anne Hathaway and make her look ...

Plays :  8885  
Julie Roberts Dress Up
Dress up Julie Roberts with variety of collection you have. ...

Plays :  2664  
Britney Spears Dress Up
Britney Spears going to have some fun in the night ...

Plays :  4055  
Adam Mitchel Lambert
Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer. Give a perfect ...

Plays :  4299  
Cute Paris Hilton Makeover
Give our Hollywood socialite a makeover. ...

Plays :  4161  
Brad Pitt Dress Up
Click and drag the pieces of clothing to dress up ...

Plays :  3175  
Ashley Tisdale Dressup
Dress up Ashley Tisdale with some favorite dresses. ...

Plays :  34141  
Hollywood Hall of Fame
Give a complete makeover to all hollywood satrs. ...

Plays :  4942  
Sweetheart Hannah Montana
Make up for Hannah Montana and let her become the ...

Plays :  6377  
Kate Hudson Makeover
Give popular actress Kate Hudson a perfect makeover from a ...

Plays :  5583  
Alicia Keys Dressup
Alicia Keys is an popular artits. Dress up her with ...

Plays :  7481  
Angelina Jolie Makeup
Angelina is a famous actress. Give her a perfect makeover. ...

Plays :  4656  
Natalie Imbruglia Dressup
Dress up Natalie Imbruglia with some stylish dresses. ...

Plays :  2700  
Moon Bloodgood Dress Up
Dress Up Your Favorite Moon Bloodgood with your Favorite Costumes. ...

Plays :  9389  
Miley Cyrus Style
Miley Cyrus is a beautiful actress and singer. Change her ...

Plays :  4576  
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