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Play our online boxing games for free. You can box an opponent or a punching bag. Box a celeb or a cartoon character. Have fun!!

Boxing Games

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I Love Boxing
You are in a boxing training. Here you have to ...

Plays :  2327  
New Years Knockout
Here in this game you have to choose any one ...

Plays :  3265  
Kangaroo Jack Outback Rumble
Choose any animal and fight with another and win the ...

Plays :  3126  
The Fighter Training
You have joined a fight club. You have to take ...

Plays :  2296  
Muay Thai 2
Use Z,X,C,P,R to fight with your opponent and win the ...

Plays :  6928  
Capoeira Fighter
Use arrow keys and a,s,d,w keys to control the fighters. ...

Plays :  2446  
Roboxer 2
Take the challenge and beat all six different progressively harder ...

Plays :  3613  
Osama Sissy Fight
Use your punches and hits to beat the hell out ...

Plays :  5721  
Hot Blood Boxing
See real blood as you fight against your opponent in ...

Plays :  6221  
Golden Glove Boxing
Manage your time and money and live the life of ...

Plays :  3555  
Girl Fight
Fight against the celebrity boxers and defeat them in this ...

Plays :  5359  
Fisticuff Boxing
Avoid getting punched by your opponents and fight against them ...

Plays :  3495  
2D Knock Out
Show your power in this knock out game and throw ...

Plays :  4910  
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