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Here you can play lots of great adventure games, Take a look at these games and play your favorite one. Enjoy playing scooby doo, final fantasy, sim date, escape, rpg games and more.

Adventure Games

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Joe The Barbarian
Get Joe the barbarian to collect treasure on his journey. ...

Plays :  3374  
Warp Forest
Use a combination of logic and fast reactions to shoot ...

Plays :  3758  
See if you have what it takes to be a ...

Plays :  7832  
Get into some action and destory the enemy tanks before ...

Plays :  8069  
Sweet Tooth
Help Sweet tooth to reach the top level with a ...

Plays :  3721  
Move your submarine, Drop your chargers and blast the subs. ...

Plays :  5789  
Stinky Bean
Gey ready for a quest to take the pathetic little ...

Plays :  4228  
Spider Bugs
Be quick and shoot bugs of same color to connect ...

Plays :  3703  
Avoid the collecting rings and spikes, smash down enemies and ...

Plays :  8988  
Shark Attack
Rescue the man who have fallen overboard and steer clear ...

Plays :  4740  
Scooby Doo Pirate Ship_of_fools
Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action ...

Plays :  6652  
Red Beard
Help the Red bearded man to collect as much gold ...

Plays :  5546  
Reach The Sky
Get the spring close to the green area and jump ...

Plays :  4562  
Quibeland Evolution
Help the hero to fight against the robots, collect points ...

Plays :  3193  
Polar Rescue
Have fun as you dodge the obstacles and help the ...

Plays :  12453  
Pie Craving
Help your friend to collect all eatables and then its ...

Plays :  4494  
Penguin Parade
Help the penguin to jump over trees and reach the ...

Plays :  3892  
Pearl Diver
Fill your lungs with air and dive in for pearls ...

Plays :  4129  
Help Panic to collect the bombs planted in the Chocoland ...

Plays :  3208  
Ninja Rinseout
Get ready for the mission and kill your enemies before ...

Plays :  4932  
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