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We have collected lots of great action games for you, Take a look at these games and find your favorite action game. Here you can find shooting games, platform, war, zombie and super hero games, There must be one or more action games of your likes!

Action Games

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Graveyard of Drunken Souls
Select your hat and then kill enough enemies with your ...

Plays :  2372  
Your tank name is grizzly. Ride your tank inside the ...

Plays :  3863  
Flash Zooids
Try to smash the space rocks before they destory you. ...

Plays :  2461  
Electricman 2
Here you can fight against your opponent and win. ...

Plays :  9594  
Crusader Tank
Get to the heart of the Black Cult and destroy ...

Plays :  5126  
Castle Defender
Be a loyal bodyguard and the save the castle from ...

Plays :  7684  
Cannon Blast
Help pirate pete defeat the invading by firing canonballs and ...

Plays :  2690  
Squadron Angel
Fly as far as possible while avoiding dangerous objects. Use ...

Plays :  3654  
Your mission is to blast as many zombies as you ...

Plays :  3878  
Bounty Killers
Help save the towns from the bandits, and earn money ...

Plays :  3927  
Beach Assault
Get ready to launch an attack on the enemies advancing ...

Plays :  4086  
Xevoz Showdown
Fight against your enemies with a wise use of your ...

Plays :  4422  
Wings of Glory
Get airborne and protect the grounded planes from sqadron of ...

Plays :  3483  
War Lords
Kill the enemies troops and conquer the land by invading ...

Plays :  21650  
Unrealflash 2007
Battle one on one against any of the 50+ dangerous ...

Plays :  5783  
Tribe World
Survive all attacks from the voodoo enemies & attack them ...

Plays :  3655  
Treasure of Cutlass Reef
Move your pirate ship and destroy the enemy fleet guarding ...

Plays :  4996  
Towel Fighters
Move, jump and attack your opponent in this fun packed ...

Plays :  2892  
The Matrix
Perform the correct move and dodge the bullets shot by ...

Plays :  6873  
Super Viking Punch
Inflict punches and strike terro to the sharks who dare ...

Plays :  3226  
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