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We have collected lots of great action games for you, Take a look at these games and find your favorite action game. Here you can find shooting games, platform, war, zombie and super hero games, There must be one or more action games of your likes!

Action Games

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Desert Storm
Your mission in this shooting game is to neutralize as ...

Plays :  3055  
Dangerous Descent
Make your way down the pipes while lighting up anybody ...

Plays :  2185  
Armed With Wings 2
Run and jump as you punch, kick, and slice up ...

Plays :  9586  
Assault Helicopter
Launch missiles, and shoot Heavy Machine Guns at the various ...

Plays :  3509  
Super Walkland
The evil robot clones have stolen the globes music and ...

Plays :  2635  
Astro Monkey
Astro Monkey is on a mission in outer space and ...

Plays :  2064  
Overkill Apache
Battle against massive forces of enemy and destroy all of ...

Plays :  2980  
Take charge as ninja man and go to the dark ...

Plays :  3068  
Cactus McCoy
In this game your character Cactus McCcoy is a different ...

Plays :  3443  
3 Foot Ninja
Ninja is a popular fighting character.In this game the little ...

Plays :  2461  
City Siege
Your mission in this game is control the home guard ...

Plays :  3040  
Volcano Flight Control
Use your mouse to control the plane, avoiding the ash ...

Plays :  5306  
Cube Colossus
Battle with deadly cubes as you try to save yourself ...

Plays :  2563  
Monster Invade
The monsters are surrounding you in this top down view ...

Plays :  2966  
Killing Grounds
Shoot all the attacking stick figures as you stay alive, ...

Plays :  4477  
Ask Spirits
Ask the spirits questions such as their name and how ...

Plays :  3362  
Sparks and Dust
Your target is to kill all the enemies, and get ...

Plays :  3037  
Prince Persia
You have 8 minutes to navigate the throne room and ...

Plays :  6529  
Occident Warrior
Fight your way through the Occident in this arcade action ...

Plays :  12985  
Naruto Fighting
Shoot your way through numerous enemies in a fun space ...

Plays :  9788  
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