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We have collected lots of great action games for you, Take a look at these games and find your favorite action game. Here you can find shooting games, platform, war, zombie and super hero games, There must be one or more action games of your likes!

Action Games

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Planet Hulk Gladiator
Help Hulk to fight and kill all the enemies to ...

Plays :  3548  
Samurai Warrior
Select your action hero and help him to fight with ...

Plays :  2218  
In this game you have to fight with your opponents ...

Plays :  2603  
Sift Worlds Ultimatum 7
You and two of your gangs men being chasing by ...

Plays :  3065  
X Striker
Create your own army and destroy yours enemy base. Enjoy ...

Plays :  2098  
Side Rino
Fight with your opponent and win the championship and thus ...

Plays :  3253  
Super Fighters Rampage
Use arrow keys and A,S,D and W keys to fight ...

Plays :  3500  
Stick Trinity
Use arrow keys to fight with your enemies and kill ...

Plays :  2285  
Battle Gear 2
Assume this is world war -III between you and your ...

Plays :  2514  
Armed with Wings 3
Kill all the enemies on your way and go ahead. ...

Plays :  2677  
Fight Man
Fight against your opponents and stay survived. Use arrow and ...

Plays :  2424  
Heli Attack 3
Your mission is to survive! Dodge the enemy fire and ...

Plays :  3585  
Space Bounty
You are an elite mercenary and must destroy everything in ...

Plays :  3867  
Ancient Battle
Kill all the robots and other enemies with your missile ...

Plays :  2210  
Double Life
As a result of space storm the 11th landing group ...

Plays :  2018  
Turret Takeover
Who says a tank driver doesn't need a brain? Put ...

Plays :  2410  
Anbot 2
Anbot is back! His girl has been kidnapped and Anbot ...

Plays :  2836  
Wolverine and The X Men
This is a great escape game in which you ...

Plays :  7486  
The Last Fight
You are a commando of the TLF squad and you ...

Plays :  2816  
Jungle Assassin
Use your power to destroy everyone that stands in your ...

Plays :  3434  
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