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We have collected lots of great action games for you, Take a look at these games and find your favorite action game. Here you can find shooting games, platform, war, zombie and super hero games, There must be one or more action games of your likes!

Action Games

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Deep Creatures
Help the man to destroy all the obstacles to go ...

Plays :  1850  
Achilles II
Help Achilles to fight with his enemies and kill them ...

Plays :  3973  
Fighter Pilot 2
Drive your plane and try to shoot your enemy planes ...

Plays :  5000  
Help the Ninja to fight with his enemies to defend ...

Plays :  2508  
Super Marco
You are been sent to a war zone. Now you ...

Plays :  2989  
Zombie Truck
Here in this game you are zombie slayer. Now you ...

Plays :  3173  
Ninja Master
Help the Ninja to fight with his enemies and try ...

Plays :  2193  
War Zone
Create your army by tanks and artillery to destroy enemy ...

Plays :  2898  
Fly Blast
You have to navigate your plane through the enemy zone ...

Plays :  2188  
Devil Kid
Help this devil kid to kill his enemies as early ...

Plays :  2318  
Too Many Tanks
Protect your tank from other tanks. Just move your tank ...

Plays :  1891  
Flash Halo CTF
Help the army personal to fight with his enemies and ...

Plays :  3517  
Action Game
Use Z,X,C and arrow keys to fight and move and ...

Plays :  2402  
Ninja Quest
Help the ninja master to fight with his opponent and ...

Plays :  1932  
Capt Zambo Game
The captain is sent to a top secret mission. Help ...

Plays :  6786  
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
The man is zombie slayer. Now you have to help ...

Plays :  2484  
Clear Skies Elite 3
You are a fighter plane pilot. You have to escort ...

Plays :  2562  
The Way of The Brisk
Help the fighter to fight with opponent and win the ...

Plays :  1820  
Sword Fight
Help the hero to fight with his enemies and kill ...

Plays :  2106  
Fighters Rampage
Help the man to kill his all enemies to stay ...

Plays :  2708  
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